Delray Sling Chaise

Delray Sling Chaise

Brand: Malibu Outdoor Living
Product Code: Delray Sling Chaise

Delray sling chaise offers the longevity of high density polyethylene with the softness and quick drying sling fabric.  This fabric allows you to use the chaise after coming out of the pool or the lake and having the water drain through the sling.  There is no need for cushions that take a long time to dry.  This chaise is also heavy enough that it will stay put in most winds but not so heavy that you can't move the chaise.  This chaise also comes with wheels at the head of the chaise so anyone can easily move the chaise to follow the direction of the sun.


     Delray Sling Chaise                                                        25"w | 83"d | 13"h

Available in 14 Colors of HPDE and 8 sling colors

Made in Rhode Island

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