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Tivoli Round Dining Group

  • Brand: Jensen Leisure

The Tivoli Round Dining Group is a favorite of ours.  The table is a three legged table which allows you to comfortably fit two chairs between each leg.  No one needs to straddle a leg like you would on a four legged table.  This table fits 6  people easily and allows everyone to be involved in the same conversation.  This collection is made from Roble that grows in the tropical dry forests of Bolivia.


     Tivoli Round Dining Table                                        62.75″ Dia | 29.5″ h

     Tivoli Dining Arm Chair                                            23.5″ w | 23.25″ d | 33.25″ h

     Tivoli Dining Side Chair                                            19.75″ w | 22.25″ d | 33.25″ h

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Made in Bolivia