Dunbarton Garden Chair & Bench

Dunbarton Garden Chair & Bench

Brand: Kingsley Bate
Product Code: Dunbarton Garden Chair & Bench

Dunbarton Garden chair and bench are for those people that want beautiful furniture with minimal up keep.  Place these pieces in your yard and don't worry about bringing in cushions or putting away in the winter.  Optional cushion available but not necessary. This can be a nice place to sit and admire your garden handy work or your beautiful grass cutting job.  A place for a brief rest stop in a hectic day.  A glass of wine and good company;  what more could you ask for.


     Dunbarton Garden Chair                                         27"w | 20"d | 34"h

     Dunbarton 4' Bench                                                 48"w | 20" d |34"h

     Dunbarton 5' Bench                                                 60"w | 20"d | 34"h

     Dunbarton 6' Bench                                                 72"w | 20"d | 34"h

Made in Southeast Asia

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