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Gas Grills

Quality Gas Grills offer the BBQ enthusiasts’ a level of control that few other cook surfaces can replace. At Pierce Outdoors, we have all the major players including Saber, Napoleon, Twin Eagles. Tec Grill, Broil King and more. From two to four to six burner, Stainless Steel Grills, whatever size party you want to entertain, we can provide the grilling equipment to make you the king of the neighborhood.

Gas Grills are easier to start and offer more control than charcoal grills by letting you directly control the heat. Many gas grills have several burners which allows you to create different heat zones and cook a variety of meat and vegetables at the same time. At Pierce Outdoors in Scarborough, we’re happy to help you find the perfect gas grill for any occasion. If you’re entertaining a larger crowd, we offer gas grills with up to six burners! Stop by Pierce Outdoors today and see how our selection of gas grills will make you the talk of the town.

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Angus Grill


Starting At : $ 3368

Baron 320 Pro – 874214

Broil King

Starting At : $ 749

Baron 420 Pro – 875214

Broil King

Starting At : $ 849

Baron 520 Pro- 876214

Broil King

Starting At : $ 999.00

Baron S490 Pro IR – 875944

Broil King

Starting At : $ 1199.00

Baron S590 Pro IR – 876944

Broil King

Starting At : $ 1399

BLZ-3LBM-LP 25″ Grill Head


Starting At : $ 1359.99



Starting At : $ 1949.98

BLZ-3PRO Grill Head


Starting At : $ 4299.99



Starting At : $ 5599.98

BLZ-4LBM 32″ Grill Head


Starting At : $ 1569.99



Starting At : $ 2219.98

Shipping available in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts!